Monday, May 05, 2008

I Got Skills, Ya'll

Don't be intimidated. Somebody's got set the bar.
Some stuff I did this weekend:

1. Played wiffle ball and hit the ball TWICE. This is an accomplishment for someone so grossly uncoordinated. I can't play softball worth a crap because I can't hit the ball hard enough to get it past the pitcher. But I can hit a MEAN wiffle ball, though! Go me.

2. Looked at a bird feeder hanging from my friends porch and said something about how messy those little birdies are and then walked right into the damn thing. Got birdseed in my hair. Not so cool.

3. Set out loads of stuff on Saturday morning with my hubby, Ax, for a yard sale. Hoping those black moisture soaked clouds would pass us by. such luck. We were set up for about all of 10 minutes and then had to start doing marathons from the front of the house to the car port around back to get everything out of the torrential rain. Yep, we're geniuses.

4. Had the yard sale Sunday and did fairly decently. I'm so cool that I was able to sell a burnt up spatula amongst a box of crap that my mother-in-law brought for $0.10!!

5. Worked at the church nursery Sunday morning and diffused a meltdown situation with a 3 year old. Woo hoo. What else is there to do in life? Well, a lot I think.


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