Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On Work and Vices

I have come to appreciate work more. It's such a good thing that I don't have to sit at home all day. It would drive me insane. What do people do all day who stay at home?? Honestly. I don't mean to sound sarcastic or hateful, just sincerely inquisitive. All there is to do is flip TV channels or maybe read a book. A load of laundry? Wow, all that exciting stuff. I know that when Wyatt gets here I'll have plenty to do. It's just between now and then that I may have to deal with.

We all have our hang ups. Those pleasures that we can't deny ourselves. The things that we know we should set aside but for lack of self control, we allow them to take us over. I've just been discussing with my co-worker, Johnnie, about her mother. (I love Johnnie's name by the way, she is fabulous.) Johnnie's mom has emphysema and can't stop smoking. It made me think of my own mother. She is over weight and has battled it her whole life. She just can't seem to get the weight off and keep it off. My mother is beautiful. Taking off the weight with her would be much more for health reasons than for vanity. She certainly has no self esteem issues. It's just that I know that women her size don't generally live into their 80's. But I want my mom to. I can't imagine a day without her.


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