Monday, August 07, 2006

33 1/2 Weeks

I'm extremely happy to note that I've had an uneventful pregnancy overall. No complications of any sort. Just the occasional swelling of the feet and little of the fingers but nothing fearful or entirely uncomfortable. I must confess that I would undertake any discomfort or difficulty to ensure that Wyatt is a healthy baby. My imagination and pessimism intertwine at times to make me worry that an easy pregnancy is a prelude to a worrisome result. I just have to lean on my faith and prayers to take me through my doubts. Worrying is useless.

My belly is huge now. I feel Wyatt move A LOT. I'm thankful for each kick and roll. It has become a bit difficult to get up from lying down. Reclining in any sort of chair isn't conducive to easy breathing. I need more rest and sleep these days. I tire easily and my feet hurt from walking for too long. It seems as though the next few weeks will be the longest of my life. I'm hoping to work until September 1st. That just seems really damn tough for some reason. Then again I honestly think I'd go CRAZY sitting at home all day. I've had somewhere to be every weekday for my entire life. So now I'm just supposed to blissfully prop my feet up all day long? Okay wait a minute, that doesn't sound so bad after all =) The doctor says I'm due September 22nd. It's just hard to believe that I'll go that long. I think it'll be more like the second week in September. I really need to interject here that being pregnant is an absolutely amazing experience. It's not ALL roses, but there have been plenty of them along the way. Knowing that I'll have my very own child at the end of this ride completely blows me away. It's an absolute miracle to conceive, carry, and give birth to a child. I admit that while the third stage of that description is foreign to me at this point, how can it not be an amazing experience?

At my last doctor's visit the doctor sent me home with a packet of papers I'm supposed to keep with me at all times in case I go into LABOR. Ummm....okay, did someone just say the 'L' word??? You all may already be aware that I'm a tad freaked out about that. But I'll manage. After all, I have been skydiving before. Surely I can do this too. There are similarities between skydiving and giving birth, right? Who am I kidding? I'll go into this blissfully blind and come through it one way or another.


Blogger the fool said...

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5:11 PM  
Blogger the fool said...

Worry is the interest we pay in advance on trouble which might never become due. Don't spend too much time living in fear of the boogieman. In all likelihood, if there were potential complications, you'd already know about them by now.

And if those mischievous little bad-thought fairies creep back into your head, just do what my wife did when we were awaiting our daughter's arrival. Distract yourself by sending Daddy-to-be out to the store for ice cream in the middle of the night - even if you don't want any - and laugh at how servile he's become.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Hmm blissfully blind seems like the way to go. No amount of worrying will change the aspects of labor! I think an uneventful pregancy is good. He's moving and kicking so it sounds like Wyatt is healthy too!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I know you can't help it, but do your best not to worry! He's going to be beautiful because he's yours, and he's going to be fine because you'd know if there was something wrong!

Relax! Enjoy!

11:26 AM  

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