Friday, August 11, 2006

I want to go to Australia

I just got off the phone with a lady who had an Australian accent. It was entirely lovely to speak with her for no other reason than to listen to her voice. It made me realize that too many people around here sound like such hicks. That probably includes me! It also made me realize that the stupid companies who are selling out and moving their call centers to other countries should totally move them to Australia. It would make me happy. And you know? It's ALL about me. *clears throat* Yeah right.

So here I am, attempting to do my best to type while wearing a carpal tunnel brace on my right hand. For the past two nights (before last night, that is) my right hand and arm from the elbow down would hurt pretty badly during the night and wake me up. My fingers would be numb and feel horrible! So I called the doctors office for advice. They suggested a brace that could be bought at any pharmacy. I had no idea the braces were so convenient to buy. I honestly thought that they had to procured from the doctor.Yes, I am an idiot. But now I am an idiot whose right hand feels wonderfully better. The brace has already made a significant difference after only one night. So guess who got some sleep and is happy? Me!

I have a triple baby shower to attend today at Ax's office. Three of the guys wives are expecting. Myself and the other two chicks are all pretty good friends. I think it will be fun. While I must admit that the idea of a triple baby shower is a bit awkward, hopefully we'll make it work.


Blogger Himu said...

I live in Australia. It is a beautiful country. One of its uniqy characteristics is its way of speaking English language :-)

So how dda mate :-)

3:50 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

I just got back from living in Oz for a year and a half. I LOVED IT! It was amazing and the people there are friendlier than anywhere on earth! Not to mention the beautiful landscapes and cool animals. :)

7:44 PM  

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