Thursday, May 01, 2008

The comment I would never leave... did a post on April 28th that I'm still trying to put into a complete perspective. It was all about how much happier she is staying home more and all the comments agreed. I was too polite to leave my comment:

I HATE staying at home all the time. I want somewhere to go EVERY DAY. I despise having an open ended day of screaming "NO!" and "Come on sweetie, lets change your diaper". Loads of laundry, loads of dishes, and scattered toys DO NOT give me fulfillment. How in the hell does your friggin cross-stitch or whatever that heck that is you showed a picture of do that for you?!! I am not crafty, I don't sew, I can't draw, sing, or stitch. I don't have the patience for it. I think you people are freaks for being happy inside that one structure all day long. I want a nanny to watch my kid and a place free of snot noses to spend my day. Now, with all that out in the open, you wanna babysit for me so I can run around and be happy while you stay at home with the kiddies? Yes, I'll be happy to pay you.

Wow, I feel relieved after getting that out. It's just honesty. Pure and simple. But if I'd have typed that on her site those women would have made me out to be evil. And I'm not. Never mind these devil horns protruding from my forehead. They're misleading. I promise.


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