Wednesday, October 04, 2006

3 Weeks

This is sweet baby Wyatt. He is a handfull to put it mildly. "The Boss" is what I call him sometimes. He is about 1 week old in this pic. He's now 3 weeks old and teaching me a lot about babies.
He has the chubbiest cheeks ever. They are wonderful for kissing. If you touch his lips while he's sleeping he puckers up in the cutest way. He loves the sunlight and will stare at the window.

Wyatt was born with club feet. But so was Carl Lewis (the fastest man alive), Troy Aikman (football player) and many other famous people. Wyatt's feet are being corrected with casts up to his thighs every two weeks. His first casting was Sept 28th and was the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with in my life. The doctor said it wouldn't hurt him any but I disagree. His little feet were formed a particular way for 9 months and then suddenly stretched out and over corrected then casted. Ummm, yeah, it hurt him. I know it did. It broke my heart for him to have to endure the casting. But I'm thankful that after 4 castings and special shoes he'll be completely corrected. It's called the Ponsetti method. One obstacle we've been warned about is stares from people. Castings are associated with breaks. These obviously have nothing to do with a break but the public doesn't know that. I know we'll find a way to manage. Baby Wyatt is wonderful. I'm soaking up every minute of him.