Friday, June 06, 2008


You know I was just thinking about how much we all worry. About how we're going to pay our bills or buy groceries. Well, so far we're fortunate enough that we don't really have to worry per se, only plan and budget. But anyway I was thinking about as my child, what if Wyatt began to worry. Once he can talk that is. And as his parent I would comfort him and tell him not to worry that I'd take care of all those things. And what if he began to hide food because he thought he needed to worry about his next meal?
Where the heck am I going with this you ask?
Well my thinking is that God said he'd provide all our needs. That we need not worry about the clothes on our backs or our next meal. That he'd handle all that. So why should I worry? I should just pray and seek Him and rely on Him for all my needs.

Funny how things just pop into my head. Being a parent can really put things into perspective. Especially when considering the love of my heavenly Father.