Friday, April 29, 2005


So I've been here for just a little over an hour and I'm already ready to leave. I hate working alone, it's sucks. Guess I'll write about Savannah. It was wonderful. It's a beautiful city. The bed and breakfast was excellent. However the gourmet breakfasts were a little strange for us. We aren't' used to that fancy stuff. One morning we had Feta-spinach pie. It tasted pretty good, it was just totally odd for us. Ironically it was served with grits on the side. Plain ol grits. Yuck. The owners of the fine establishment were two gay men. This was another strange surprise for us. The website said owners "John and Jesse". We stupidly assumed Jesse was a chick. Uhh NO. Anyway, they were very nice guys and the place was great. We just don't agree with the lifestyle. When we got home from the trip I realized that the most embarrassing thing had obviously happened! Ax was is so impatient that he emptied our clothes out of the bureau while I did everything else. The only problem is that he missed a drawer. We ended up leaving my unmentionable undergarments and sexy anniversary lingerie in that drawer!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! I had to call and ask them to mail my undies to me. I wanted to DIE. I still can't believe it's happened. So here I am....waiting to get my underwear in the mail. Uggggg....
Tomorrow is the fundraiser yardsale for my high school reunion. I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to go and sit outside while people rummage thru my junk. I hope I sell it all.
I've begun to write letters to a girl I grew up in church with letters. She is in jail now in south Georgia. She is there for deposit account fraud and drug related charges. She has been in and out of jail for awhile now. I'll be praying for her.
Ya know, the power of prayer is awesome. If you try to live for God and talk to him regularly and then you begin to know that He hears your prayers is amazing. I mean it's the Almighty GOD who can hear you if you seek him. It's too big to fully grasp. But I do grasp it enough to know with all my heart that God is good and he loves each and every single life on this planet. It's a humbling thing to have your prayers heard and sometimes answered the way you were hoping for. But a person can't forget that God is perfect and does all things according to HIS will and His time.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Funny looking people

Oh my garsh, I saw the most hilarious looking lady in court last night. She is a five foot tall woman with bleach blonde hair. Oh, you think, that's pretty normal. Well get this, she is probably caucasian but I believe she is having an identity crisis. "How could that be?", you say. Well, the hilarious thing is that she has obviously gone to the tanning bed so much that she is now almost black. I am not kidding. The whites of her eyes peering out of this freakishly dark face and the bright, teased, overly hairsprayed bleach blonde hair was just funny. I find it fascinating that this woman would do this to herself ON PURPOSE. It's abusrd. Absolutely absurd. She works at a local gas station and was testifying about a gas drive off. I couldn't look at her for too long while she was talking because it was just too weird and funny too. What in the world was she thinking????!! I go to the tanning bed but my goodness. I'd have to fry every day for an hour and a half to maintain that. Heck, maybe she's spray painted. How, why??? Sheesh. The other thing that bugged me about court last night was that the judge should've sent more people to jail. No, I'm not hard nosed. It's just that honestly some people have spent time in jail, this time around they've racked up thousands in fines, they've been known to fail to cooperate. The do not express any desire to improve. Put their butts in jail and save me from processing a warrant later!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Life and Death

There has been too much death around me lately. A guy Ax works with, we are good friends with him....his grandma passed away. We had met her once at the hospital. Ax's mom was in the hospital having a kidney removed, she has Polycycstic Kidney Disease, and while we were there visiting her we stopped in to see Chad's grandma. She was a really sweet lady. Chad's family kinda of expected this was going to happen soon. She had been sick. I just feel bad for people who lose grandparents. My maternal grandmother is dear to me. While she does have personality quirks that can drive a person insane, she is a wonderful lady that I have learned a lot from. My fraternal grandparents are pretty much worthless. My dad's mom is somewhat decent, however my dad's father is repulsive. He is known to have molested two of his daughters. My dad had three sisters. The youngest supposedly wasn't touched by him but I've never asked her. One of my dad's three sisters, Faye, has passed away from alcohol abuse. She was a drunk, drug abuser, prostitute most of her life. She died August of 2003. I believe she suffered the brunt of the abuse. She wasn't perfect but I knew she loved me. Anyway, I've completely rambled off the subject...kind of.....the other death has been the wife of my cousin's ex-husband. I didn't know her but her death greatly upset my cousin, EB,....and I love my cousin. I have three cousins that are half Hawaiian. My family is white however my uncle married a Hawaiian he met in California while he was in the Navy in the 60's or 70's. EB is a precious person. She has a great personality and a flamboyant style that I admire.
Ax and I are leaving for our Savannah anniversary trip on Saturday. However last nite I came close to giving up on the whole thing. April has five Friday's in it. Which allowed Ax to receive three paychecks this month. I figured that one of these could be set aside for our trip money. However Ax asked me about due dates on the mortgage and his truck payment. We began to look things over and see that I hadn't managed the due dates very well. That my plans to pay these bills would have them being paid ON the due date and not a month ahead of time like Ax prefers. He is absolutely anal about money. He completely stressed me out last night. I actually cried. And then when that started everything else that he's been doing that has bothered me lately came gushing out. Like the fact the sometimes when we are with another couple Ax makes me feel invisible. He focuses completely on them and the conversation with them and will actually walk off and leave me alone. This does NOT make me feel like the princess that I am! Hello! Just kidding, but seriously, it hurts my feeling. So last nite I had a good boo hoo. Then I woke up this morning feeling kind of crappy about life in general. It would've been an excellent day to call in sick except that we have court tonight. Damn responsibilities. Damn crappy feeling. But at least Ax did comfort me with a little make up lovin' this morning. That was nice.
On another note the bike ride yesterday was wonderful. It was a perfect day for it. The only thing I would undo about it all was when my foot slipped off the pedal. The back of my leg is now scrapped up and bruised. It's a boo boo.
Now there is a complete jackass here paying a ticket. He came a few minutes ago and I told him we couldn't take a check. It's actually typed on the back of the yellow copy that officers give offenders. But evidently he is just too haughty and royal to read it . I actually hate telling people we cant take personal checks. We aren't set up for credit cards and I know it's a big inconvenience. I personally do not ever carry cash. My debit card is my best friend. But this guy was a completely arrogant jerk. When he came back with the cash my supervisor took his money. Thank goodness. He made my blood pressure go up. Who needs that?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A little bit of jiggle and a whole lot of sizzle

Yeah, uh huh, that's the title of this blog. Because I'm too cool. Just too cool. Ax was having a bad day and I told him to cheer up because he has a hot wife. I'm just.....funny I guess. Whatever.
My mom is trying to trade in her Intrepid for a VW convertible (bug). That would be sooo cool. Considering the rest of us poor schmoes in the family can only buy regular, boring cars. The sales people are working the numbers for her. I hope it happens. She owes more than her Intrepid is worth so it may not go.
Tomorrow nite we are going bike riding with friends. I am totally looking forward to it. I love the park and nature and getting some out door time. Sitting in the office 8 hours a day is stiffling.
Ax and I are leaving for Savannah this weekend. I can't wait! I hope the trip goes well and the weather is nice. I also hope that my wonderful husband and I get along well and I don't have to threaten him with any beatings (j/k). You'd laugh if you saw him. Six foot, 200 lbs country boy.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm glad it's Friday

Friday's are good. I have two days to look forward to. It's refreshing to know that I won't have to look at the four walls of this office for the next couple of days. I wish more of my days were away from this place and I were still able to pay my bills. Ax and I are going to see Sarhara tonight with some friends. It should be fun. I'll just be glad for a change. And next weekend we are going to Savannah for our third anniversary. I hope the weather is hot. I'm looking forward the beach at Tibee Island as well.
Man oh man, I had Krystals for dinner last night after court. They can really do a number on the tummy. Court didn't last very long. Traffic court is full of interesting things and people. It's frightening how much of the population is uneducated and have criminal histories. The lifestyles some people live are also scary. People who have been raised in good families take for granted the small things they've absorbed that give them just plain decency. So many people have no morals or standards. Sometimes it baffles me that churches spend so much time and energy on ministries so far away in other courntries. There are people next to them in line at the grocery store who don't know that Jesus died on the cross and gave us priceless wisdom to live by in the Bible. The nameless, faceless people driving down the road in the car next to you. But I'm not knocking missionaries. God Bless them. So that all peoples may know HIM. I have just come come to realize after many shameful mistakes there a human being is NEVER truly happy or satisfied until they are filling their intended purpose on this planet. That purpose is to know, serve, and praise God. I've tried to tell my brother, who has a restless soul. He is always bored and looking for some way to satisfy a need he probably can't even describe. I hope he is blessed with the ability to figure it out and realize the truth for himself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This could be the most boring day of my life

I could fall asleep right here, where I sit. This day has been so friggin monotonous. I have begun to imagine what I could do to spice up my life. Drain my savings account and buy something ridiculous? Go get another tattoo? Get in the car and start driving south and never look back? Well, I don't suppose I'd wanna do anything that would alienate my hubby. However, I am so darned bored that I'm not considering rational options. I know, I'll go buy a one way ticket to Hawaii. That sounds fun. I could clean hotel rooms or something for a living. Maybe Ireland would be better.
The tanning bed has left my skin crispy and uncomfortable. The things we do for beauty are stooopid. I had a disgusting dizzy spell yesterday. Just sitting on the phone in front of the puter and all of a sudden, WHAM! It's like going to the top floor of a tall building in an elevator and suddenly the elevator DROPS! And rolls and spins. It lasted only about 5 or 10 seconds but left me horribly nauseated. My question would be now, Could this happen while I was driving? Hope I never find out, and I'm sure the other anonymous drivers out there would prefer the same.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Set it off now children

I love Audioslave. They absolutely rock.
I have worked my fingers to the bone today. My co-worker has been off, leaving the whole stinking affair in my hands. Headache! I get to have my neice and nephew spend the nite tonight. They are 6 and 4. It should be fun. I love those little stinkers dearly. It's a shame my brother and his wife have had a drug problem for the past few years. Their children don't deserve it. Opiates/oxycodone is awful stuff. And the morons that sell it to people instead of using for it's intended purpose should be SHOT. All drug dealers are attempted murderers. Indirectly yes. But they've tried to kill my brother and his wife and break all our hearts in the meanwhile. I know if God has heard my prayers then maybe things will get better. He knows my broken heart. The little ones don't deserve drug addicted parents. I wish my other brother wasn't gay too. I can't help it, I just wish he wasn't. I don't think he's a happy person. Not that being straight would make him happy. I just know things had better be okay from here on out. Bad news sucks.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

My Sky

It's raining here. I love the rain. I hate it when people say it's "nasty" out. The rain is refreshing and cleansing. If you don't like it there is plenty of open space in the desert. The rain helps all the wonderful things in nature to continue being wonderful. Thunderstorms are magnificent. Lightening and Thunder are another of God's ways to show how awesome and powerful He is. However I will say that I HATE driving in the rain, especially when it's dark. The RK surgery I had several years ago has totally screwed up my vision in those regards.
I miss my dad. He's in Iraq. I want him to come home NOW. I know my mom does too. God is watching over him.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I hate the phone.

Why do phones have to ring? It is so damned annoying. I'm right next to the stupid thing. It could just light up or something. I'd see the friggin thing. Why do I have to come to work? Work sucks. What did I do in a previous life so that now I'm forced to see the beautiful world outside a window and be forbidden to go out and enjoy it? Take a vacation day you say. They are hoarded and precious. Yes I'm thankful for a job that pays me that buys my food and pays my bills. But why does it have to be this way? Why couldn't I have been one of the blessed and fortunate few who don't have to give away 40 to 50 hours of their life every week? I wish I hadn't gone to college. Yes, I said that. And I mean it. I am glad for the knowledge I gained there but NOT the $20,000 that I owe for the stinking degree.
My husband is a hypocondriac. Something small goes wrong and he thinks the world is ending. I told him that if something didn't kill him, it'd make him stronger. And if it killed him then he'd be dead and wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
Life is like a bubblebath. Warm with beautiful bubbles for a short while. Then the water chills and the bubbles disappear. And you're left cold and alone. God is the only comfort.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cloudy Sky

Hmmm.....I don't know how this blogging will work out. It's new to me. I'm not really into the whole blogging community or whatever but there are a few that I find really interesting and amusing. So I thought I'd give it a try. Maybe this won't work out. Maybe it will. I know there are a lot of things that I will probably enjoy writing about. Anonymously. Amusingly. My everyday take on things may be what the blogging world needs. Then again it may put the blogging world into a coma.
Soooo, since this is my special place to write whatever stupid thing comes into my head.... what if I said that I don't believe there are such a thing as weeds. My husband, Ax, likes to kill the dandelions. I like them. I like all the little spring flowers that pop up in the yard. The south is a wonderful place to live. I feel sorry for people that don't have yards of their own. I suppose that would apply to apartment dwellers too. Oh well. Go to the park. The only earth you may ever own may be what sticks to the bottom of your shoes.
Life is like a bubble bath. More on that little bit o' philosophy tomorrow.